The Matrix-Q Covenant

UPDATED: 2022.12.31 / 2023.01.11 / 2023.02.11

On the Matrix-Q Investor-Entrepreneur Journey

The Matrix-Q Covenant is compulsory for all members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

New members agree with the Matrix-Q Covenant along with the registration, or membership fees payment


Matrix-Q Club members engage in the practice of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Investment through the application of Matrix-Q Knowledge


Matrix-Q Knowledge is not conceptual, its application requires continuous practice and development of skills, and the capacity to apply and create outcomes with it, that is how a Matrix-Q Rank is earned.

Therefore Matrix-Q Knowledge can not be acquired by reading information. The only path to acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge is the path of action and the generation of outcome with it. An outcome that translates into the generation of holistic wealth and assets in 9 fields or streams of value, or 9 capitals of holistic capitalism

In order to become a Matrix-Q Rank holder, candidates commit to continuous practice and development of skills, capacity to apply and create outcome with it, included but not limited to the following (Matrix-Q hands-on practices subject of data-driven assessment of capacity): Matrix-Q brain GYM, enhancement of brain performance, technical use of emotions and perception, use of symbolic language, mathematics, geometry and tones, body-awareness, intuition, holistic and quantum entrepreneurial skills, personal growth stages of development, work-life-family balance skills, multidisciplinary innovation mindset, capacity to integrate nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, wisdom in the development of the companies; to nurture, and cultivate a positive entrepreneur-investor mindset, holistic wealth generation capacity ( Wealth ability skills), the ability to create assets utilizing the 9 capitals or principles of holistic capitalism, holistic data-driven analysis skills, capacity to utilize (skills) predictive tools, capacity to respond to time-sensitive opportunities (capacity to take action), and other pragmatic abilities

In order to integrate a data-driven assessment of capacity, the acquisition of Matrix-Q Knowledge has been gamified, games, challenges, simulations, missions, assignments, projects, play sessions, pilots, explorations, labs, and experiments are used for the Matrix-Q Club Members to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge and create a positive regenerative systemic outcome with it. Based on the outcome created by the candidates, points, rank, rings, cycles, belts, certificates, licenses, labels, rewards, and prizes are assigned.

Matrix-Q Knowledge includes all the intellectual property created by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, & Matrix-Q Innovators (License holders)

It includes innovative: Tools, methodology, techniques, systems, models, algorithms, skills, data, technology, innovations, research, frameworks, products, and services.

Matrix-Q Knowledge is a holistic body of work

It includes all derivatives of Matrix-Q Knowledge which are also the property of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and Matrix-Q Companies holders of a Matrix-Q Label (Standard)

As a holistic multidisciplinary system is coherent, consistent, interdependent, systemic

The Matrix-Q Knowledge is based on the study of nature-inspired technology, knowledge, philosophy, social systems, and human personal growth systems of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science (Life science, pure science, social science, cognitive and behavior science, modern technology, and innovation)

The founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Innovator, Researcher, and Explorer, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, continued research, since 1993, is the origin of the Matrix-Q Knowledge

Members of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs & Investors Club join the club in agreement to use them to the best of their capacity Matrix-Q Knowledge, by integrating it into their companies, business projects, innovations, investment knowledge, investment projects, design, thinking, purpose, personal growth, leadership practice, and vision. (To become eligible for a Matrix-Q Certificate, License and Label)

The Matrix-Q Research Institute provide certificates, commercial licenses, and labels (standard) to support members of the Matrix-Q Club in their aim to become Matrix-Q Specialists and create Matrix-Q Companies.

As well, as individuals, members of the Matrix-Q Club earn rank, ring, belts, cycles, and holistic wealth, (points) in a gamified system, that give them access to time-sensitive opportunities, and participation in the ecosystem business

  • A Matrix-Q Certificate is given only to attendees of training-coaching programs that have completed a minimum number of units, points, challenges, and practical use of the knowledge, necessary for the completion of a module of training. The certificate does not give the holder the right to use the knowledge for commercial purposes or property on any derivative.

  • A Matrix-Q Commercial license is given to members of the Matrix-Q Club that have demonstrated their capacity to think, feel, do, create, and generate positive impact and holistic wealth by utilizing the Matrix-Q Knowledge acquired (Certificates). A gamified system, simulations, games, missions, projects, assignments, challenges, and business development cycles are compulsory, for a hands-on demonstration of capacity.

The Matrix-Q License needs to be renewed or validated at the latest every 2 years. Matrix-Q License holders participate in continuous training programs and upgrade their capacity to apply Matrix-Q Knowledge (Rank, Belts, Rings, Cycles, Wealth, Points)

  • A Matrix-Q Label is utilized to sign the capacity of a company, (its business model, organization design, business culture, products, services, human capital, wealth generation & management system, and leadership) to integrate the Matrix-Q Knowledge. There are 9+ labels (stages of integration)

  • Points are earned after completion of a task, mission, assignment, project, challenge, certificate, license, label, ring, belt, cycle, asset creation, and holistic wealth generation. There are + & - points

  • Belts (9+) indicate the level of capacity of application, creating a positive regenerative systemic impact, of specific Matrix-Q Knowledge. For example, in the application of the Matrix-Q Design Tool #387, there is Black Belt II. A belt is given associated with a specific Matrix-Q Innovation or Matrix-Q Product. In order to receive a belt, the candidate needs to demonstrate the capacity to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge, generate a positive impact, and generate holistic wealth. Within a period of 81, 243, or 729 days the belt holder may lose the rights given y the belt (downgrade) or become eligible for the next level of a belt (upgrade). See Matrix-Q Belts at the Matrix-Q Akademia. There is a memory of belts achieved which indicates the highest belt earned by the member. For decision making the Belt level that has been sustained for longer time matters. (Learn more about the Matrix-Q Belts)

  • Rings are 729 and indicate the capacity of the Matrix-Q Club member to be aligned to the vision, culture, mission, road map, values, positive regenerative impact, predictive analysis, and multigenerational (long-term development) design of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. The ring is a dynamic metric that is updated every 81 days. The ring changes constantly, as much as candidates change, undergo personal or company transitions, and achieve new stages in their development, personal growth, and business sustainable growth. There is a memory of rings achieved which indicates the highest ring earned by the member. For decision making the ring level that has been sustained for longer time matters.

  • Matrix-Q Cycles are a measurement of time, based on nature principles, rhythms, and laws, that enable harmonization and synchronization of the business development process and personal growth journey, with nature. It indicates the capacity of the candidate to utilize nature cycles, rhythms, shifts, principles and laws, and nature-inspired algorithms (Matrix-Q Algorithms) to optimize their business development processes. There is a memory of cycles achieved which indicates the highest level of cycles earned by the member. For decision making the cycle level that has been sustained for longer time matters.

  • Holistic wealth generation follows the Matrix-Q 9 principles of holistic capitalism, or utilize the 9 primordial capitals for the creation of wealth, assets, innovations, circular and regenerative system to share the wealth, and strategic management of resources. Holistic wealth generation capacity (Matrix-Q Wealthability) is indicated by a rank, with the respective metrics. To develop the capacity to generate and manage wealth in the fields of the 9 capitals is compulsory to become a Matrix-Q Investor Entrepreneur. There is a memory of holistic wealth generated, managed, and shared, which indicates the highest wealth ability level achieved by the member. For decision making the wealth ability level that has been sustained for longer time matters.

  • Matrix-Q Pricing System: The prices assigned to membership fees, and units of service associated with specific products, services, and programs, may vary depending on the impact the entrepreneur is aiming to create, the capacity of wealth generation developed along with the entrepreneurial journey (Membership programs), and the readiness the entrepreneur has achieved to acquire more Matrix-Q Knowledge (See more details)


  • It is compulsory for all members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Matrix-Q Club, to achieve a minimum threshold of points (ring, rank, belts, cycles, wealth generation, certificates, licenses, label) in order to participate, contribute, and receive benefits with the development of the Matrix-Q Companies
  • This rule applies to all roles, and any nature of the relationship established with any of the Matrix-Q Companies, including but not limited to Innovator, content creator, talent, leader, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, shareholder, mentor, coach, consultant, trainer, designer, researcher, project developer, C-level (CxO), partner, ambassador, beneficiary, student, client, funder, volunteer


  • According to the role, position of influence, or relationship the candidate would like to develop with the Matrix-Q Company, Matrix-Q Club, or Matrix-Q Ecosystem, a specific rank, is required (Threshold of points, rings, cycles, belts, certificates, licenses, label) to be sustained for a minimum length of time counted in days (81, 243, 729, 2187, 6561, 19683, 59049,…)
  • The Matrix-Q Companies are multigenerational and are designed for a multigenerational development (9+ Generations), with a strategic “slow” road map, and a legacy plan for 9+ next generations.
  • It means the role of a member can be extended through a legacy, and sustained for a longer period of time, beyond the lifespan of the individual.
  • The specific role can be transferred to a legacy (Bloodline 12th-degree consanguinity, student, mentoree, coachee) only if the legacy has achieved the same or higher level of rank, matching the history (timeline) of the role holder.
  • The legacy can be chosen from a list of eligible candidates by the role holder (for as long as such capacity has been verified), or in the case of death, by the Board of Metal Belts (Belt 9+) of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, or by a higher level of decision making: the Board of Primordial Pillars (Belt 9+) or the final decision would be in the hands of the Primordial Pillar Founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


  • An aspiring Matrix-Q Investor Entrepreneur needs a road map, tailor-made to his/her own goals, with the necessary milestones, priorities, and targets
  • The individual and company road map is drafted together with the Matrix-Q Mentor (Matrix-Q Specialist) assigned to the candidate.
  • A trial season of up to 81 days is compulsory. Along with the trial season an onboarding program, assessment of capacity, quicksilver program, and first series of challenges will be given, in combination with the process of agreement signature.
  • The agreements include NDA, Non-competition, Intelectual property ( and derivatives), Akademia, Entrepreneur, On-Call Human Capital, Volunteer (for not profit causes), Waiver, House Rules, Refund Policy, Membership, Ambassador commissions agreement, Transparency Policy, Road Map, Investor-Entrepreneur Journey, Covenant, Clearance, A-political policy agreement, Transparency agreement, Business-Venture (Investment), Due Diligence, Identity Check, Zero tolerance business doping policy, lawful financial sources declaration, Diversity and inclusion agreement,  Consent agreement, LogBook, Rank, & General Terms of Service, 


  • The candidates will be invited to select a membership program (including the number of units of service, amount of fees, length of validity, and content associated with the tailor-made road map)
  • This is a starting point for the journey
  • The Matrix-Q Mentor (and/or Matrix-Q Specialist assigned) will accordingly provide coaching, training, challenges, missions, tasks, projects, and assignments.
  • The same rules apply to all members, including investors, ambassadors, and advisors


  • In order to receive a return on investment, eligible candidates (due diligence is compulsory) need to become members of the Matrix-Q Club as estates above.
  • Return on investment or target bonus out of collective collaboration is possible already for members with no belt and candidates with a white belt, which is the lowest rank
  • All members are entitled to generate and receive wealth through the commissions, referrals, sales commissions, affiliate, target bonuses, ambassadors, and royalties systems we have implemented.
  • For some items, we share up to 45% of the final net income, including royalties, and fund
  • From any final net income generated by the Matrix-Q Companies, a % is saved for the Matrix-Q Fund. Eligible entrepreneurs can access and receive later such resources once they started their own limited liability companies under the Matrix-Q Brand (Matrix-Q Companies)
  • From any final net income generated by the Matrix-Q Companies, a % is assigned to the Matrix-Q Licenses & Label Agreements, The Matrix-Q Akademia Membership, Matrix-Q Vision Membership, Matrix-Q Watch Membership, Matrix-Q Capital Membership, The Matrix-Q Research Institute (Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab), and the Matrix-Q Fund for LDMF Projects
  • The final profit of the Matrix-Q Companies is owned by the respective shareholders
  • There are general conditions to become a shareholder of a Matrix-Q Company, including any of the following: as Matrix-Q Innovator, as a holder of a Matrix-Q Black Belt (after demonstrating the tangible capacity of contribution to the company's growth, generating a holistic economic outcome).
  • Some Matrix-Q Companies may be required a higher rank for example Matrix-Q Green Belt or Metal Belts
  • As well shareholders are only investor-entrepreneurs, members that have generated wealth (9 capitals) and assets, adding them to the respective company, and also are hands-on entrepreneurs, tangibly contributing to the sustainable circular regenerative and multigenerational growth of the company by creating a wealth generation outcome. In order words as account managers, caring for marketing, branding, communication, public relations, sales, and negotiation, with customers, strategic partners, and leads, acquired by their own. Which means to become eligible for commissions.
  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem has also created and tested new algorithms and risk-investment products, Matrix-Q Business Ventures that enable more opportunities for members to generate holistic wealth
  • Matrix-Q Investor Entrepreneurs, and Matrix-Q CxOs, increase their holistic wealth through the following consecutive compulsory accumulative layers of income:

Resources & Benefits

LEVEL 0 Candidates, no belt, White Belt

0. Volunteer (Creating a positive impact and helping others)

  1. Challenges (earning points, rewards, and prizes)

  2. Training Units, Coaching, Mentorship

  3. Commissions, referral royalties, affiliates, target bonuses, sales

  4. Membership-based royalties: Matrix-Q Business Ventures, Return on Risk Investment

LEVEL 1 Yellow Belt, Blue Belt

  1. On-Call Specialist (Coach, trainer, designer, mentor, advisor, coder, consultant, facilitator) project-based monetary compensation

  2. Digital, Tangible & Non Tangible assets creation (derivatives of Matrix-Q Knowledge earn royalties)

  3. Innovation (By participating in the Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, qualify as a royalty earner for the creativity, and - optional - also a shareholder of the companies that utilize such innovations. Eligibility rules apply. Derivatives of Matrix-Q Knowledge earn royalties)

LEVEL 2 Black Belts

  1. Passive income assets

  2. C-Level Wages (CxO Intrapreneurs Agreements candidates to shares)

  3. Investor-Entrepreneur Shareholder of own companies (own innovations, creativity)

  4. Investor-Entrepreneur Shareholder of a Matrix-Q Native Company (Clone/module of a Matrix-Q Innovation-based company)

LEVEL 3 Green Belt

  1. Road Map Development Investment Projects ROI

  2. Visionary Futurist Investments (Matrix-Q Vision) Projects ROI

  3. Collective Advisory Bonus

LEVEL 4 Metal Belts

  1. Ecosystem Investment Projects ROI

LEVEL 5 Primordial Pillars

  1. Ecosystem Primordial Pillars Investment Projects (ROI)


  • The Matrix-Q Investors do not have the power of ownership nor of decision-making (vote) in any other company, but only in those they have started and developed themselves, for which they have created their respective innovations.
  • We utilize an investment system with a return based on target bonus and royalties, with a limited time frame, and a limited volume of return on investment, for each investment round, for a specific business project.
  • This system allows us to receive cash, and share our profits with the investors, while holding full ownership, and voting rights and shares in our companies.
  • A direct path to profit from Matrix-Q Companies' success, and supporting the long-term multigenerational business development system and vision of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneur

In order to receive shares in a company, an investor-entrepreneur need to become eligible, including but not limited to the following conditions:

  1. Have created an innovation, that enables wealth generation for the company

  2. Participating in sales, closing deals, referrals, affiliates, participating in the direct generation of wealth

Candidates to shareholders need to take one or both of the paths above, to reach eligibility. Additional conditions may apply, according to the case.

The investment of cash, assets, property, or money, does not give the right of property or claim of ownership of shares

The advisory services, time, do not give the right of property or claim of ownership of shares

Shareholders receive only class shares to limit their power of voting, influence on decision making

For a Share-holder to have the power of voting needs to qualify with any of the following cases:

  1. Is the founder of the company

  2. Is the holder of at least a Matrix-Q Black Belt for longer than 729 continuous days, and has been the same amount of days contributing to the growth of the company, by generating wealth, a direct outcome

  3. Is the holder of at least a Matrix-Q Green Belt for longer than 729 continuous days, and has been the same amount of days contributing to the growth of the company, by generating wealth, a direct outcome

  4. Is the holder of at least a Matrix-Q Metal Belt for longer than 2187 continuous days, and has been the same amount of days contributing to the growth of the company, by generating wealth, a direct outcome

  5. Is the holder of at least a Primordial Belt for longer than 6561 continuous days, and has been the same amount of days contributing to the growth of the company, by generating wealth, the direct outcome

Is the decision of the founder of the company how to distribute, increase and reserve the shares of the company for future and actual shareholders.

The company founder always stays with 63%+ of total shares, considering creating (clone) the company in the future, as a legacy project (multigenerational business), or to scale up the company. Keeping as well the power of influence higher for holders of Green Belt or inner rank.


  • We have created a program in which entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with their own innovations, products, and services, may benefit from the Matrix-Q Knowledge
  • Entrepreneurs receive challenges, according to the outcome, receive as well as points, rewards, and prizes.
  • The entrepreneurs attending the Matrix-Q Challenge Program may qualify for a Matrix-Q Label
  • The entrepreneurs may have already set internal agreements defining the number of shares the owners of the companies have.
  • The entrepreneurs that decide to join the Matrix-Q Multigenerational Business System, The Matrix-Q Business Venture Investment System, and the Matrix-Q Scaling-Up Method (Matrix-Q Label) will be requested to reach adjustments in their structure of shares, or commit to a number of conditions.


  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem develops its road map with an agile and inclusive mindset
  • The Matrix-Q Agora is an assembly that takes place at least once every 729 days, and that can be called every 243 and every 81 days
  • The purpose of this event is to invite stakeholders, for example local, regional or involved governments, strategic partners, community leaders, private and public organizations, NGOs, and citizens, to listen to the stage of development of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Road map, the status of vision, priorities, impact and innovation road map, investment road map, and time-sensitive opportunities to develop collaboration journeys.
  • During the event, attendees will be able to express their opinions, share their insights, needs, and aspirations, and suggest strategic collaboration projects, information, and knowledge that serves the development of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • At the Matrix-Q Agora, we listen.


  • The Matrix-Q Club is defined as A-Political, our members are not bounded to any political, cultural or economical party, association, or network


  • The Matrix-Q Club advocates and provides an inclusive ecosystem and collaboration platform: diversity of gender identities, academic education status, wealth status, multicultural, PwD.


The following programs are compulsory for all members, in the following sequence

  • Matrix-Q Assessment of Capacity
  • Matrix-Q Entrepreneur's Road Map
  • Matrix-Q Ecosystem's Road-Map
  • Matrix-Q Human Evolution TimeLine (The Next 9+Generations)
  • Matrix-Q Breathe
  • Matrix-Q 9 Capitals (9 Principles of Holistic Capitalism)
  • Matrix-Q Time Management & Emotions
  • Matrix-Q Communication for Marketing & Sales
  • Matrix-Q Holistic Circular Wealth Generation (Wealthability)
  • Matrix-Q Balance (Self-regeneration)
  • Matrix-Q Brain GYM
  • Matrix-Q Holistic Circularity (Systemic design thinking)
  • Matrix-Q Human Capital Valuation (data-driven)
  • Matrix-Q Gamification (Data-driven Holistic Learn-Play)
  • Matrix-Q Corporate Immunology
  • Matrix-Q Self-Knowledge (personal growth)
  • Matrix-Q Quantum Entrepreneurship (Tools & Skills)
  • and others assigned by the Matrix-Q Mentor according to the individual road map and Matrix-Q Assessment results


  • Please visit the general terms and conditions, and house rules on our website.
  • We constantly upgrade and update this covenant, and our ecosystem agreements, caring for the development of our business culture, vision, and road map