" A membership for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs " ~LDMF

Membership Services

All memberships include e-learning programs, access to events, leisure, culture, travel, network, and group coaching

Each membership class offers also exclusive services

Guests may purchase guest memberships or GIFT CARDS in order to access our services for a trial season

Our tangible products are sold only associated with a membership

If purchased separately coaching, and training items may include a guest or trial membership too. 





Contribute to not-for-profit projects developed by our members  

There is not "a business model" for every positive impact project. With your donation, you collaborate with us. We create a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies, under circumstances in which not-profit is the only last available alternative for positive-impact. 

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from 1,00 EUR to 6.561,00 EUR and a list of Matrix-Q Causes and volunteer opportunities

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