The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs.

We combine leisure, learning, and business.

We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Matrix-Q Ecosystem


Online Incubator, Accelerator, Vetting program, valuation & competition for Startups, Coaching & Training for Entrepreneurs

Recruiting services for entrepreneurial projects.  Data-driven matching services. Gamified assessment and valuation system.

Time-Sensitive Entrepreneurial Oportunities

Business Transition Services

Leisure & Balance

Online international travel club, explorers, and archeological expeditions

Work-life balance, self-regeneration, prevention,  forest bathing, yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, self-defense, coaching

Culture & Arts

Performances, Courses, Workshops, Events, Culinary, Film, Meetups

Workshops on Sound, Human Body, Consciousness & Geometry, Technology & Arts Studio

Exhibitions online


Training Programs, Scholarships, Certificates, Licenses, Mentoring

Matrix-Q Club founder's keynote presentations

Immersive Learning, co-working, co-living space

Gamified: Learn-play, impact-play, earn-play

Collective Learning, Collective Consciousness Exploration

Quantum Training Programs for Entrepreneurs

e-Publications & Learning

Online Self-orientation & Navigation School, Coaching

Non Violence & Self-defense, Martial Arts, Leadership Skills

Research & Innovation

Research & Consultancy

Multidisciplinary Innovation & Consultancy

Futurist Prediction & Consultancy

Human Inclusive Technology. A.I., SaaS, e-Games, eduTech, Meta

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Matrix-Q-Akademia Thursdays (1)

Matrix-Q Start-ups

You will clone one and own or more of the Matrix-Q Companies, and join a community of Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs (Specialists).

Matrix-Q Innovations combined with Matrix-Q Holistic & Quantum. Entrepreneurs, and Matrix-Q Holistic Circular Wealth Generation Tools.  We give commercial licenses for the use of the Matrix-Q Knowledge (Intellectual Property), and labels for companies that match the Matrix-Q Standards of Holistic & Quantum Entrepreneurship.  You start by taking 1 workshop + 1 challenge

You have already a company, then apply to receive a Matrix-Q Label. Integrate the Matrix-Q Knowledge to your company, for at least 10% of your business resources, organization design, and knowledge.

We are also looking for a unicorn.

Our innovation lab is dedicated to exploring future scenarios and opportunities

To join us in the process of co-creation of a Matrix-Q Unicorn is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you

Please contact us for more information, and introduce yourself

Causes & Investment

Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs. Inclusion, Peace, Sustainability

To accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future. Regenerative, self-sufficiency, and Entrepreneurial Projects, Scholarships, Sponsoring, Funding Capital & Resources, Impact Investors Club

Family & Legacy

Family Office Projects.  Entrepreneur's Family House Projects. 

Advise, and Consultancy for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Impact Investors' Legacy Projects. Design of Multigenerational Family Business Projects


Intentional ambassadors, promoters, volunteers, and scouts, receive training to scout opportunities for a positive impact

It is a program with rewards and commissions.

Would you like to start up and develop a new chapter, center,  of the Matrix-Q Club at your location?  


Intentional multiplicators receive a foundation training, certificates, to become facilitators of the Matrix-Q Knowledge, providing coaching training to their own legacy, family, and community, at the locations they live, abroad traveling, or online.


Matrix-Q Investors protect the vision of our members, with a long-term investment mindset, holistic entrepreneurship, circular & regenerative thinking, and holistic capitalism principles (The Matrix-Q 9 Capitals). A Hands-on circle of investors-entrepreneurs.

Business Ventures

Opportunities for investors-entrepreneurs, to acquire Matrix-Q Tools, Technology, Methodology, Knowledge, Skills, Data, Information, Certificates, Licenses, Labels and resources for entrepreneurship; as well as a 3x, 6x & 9x ROI Return on Investment

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