Matrix-Q Holistic Circularity

e-WORKSHOP 101 Case Study

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, we are exploring new perspectives & approaches for circular, regenerative, holistic, AND HUMAN INCLUSIVE DESIGN. Why? Because it is necessary.

THE e-WORKSHOP Holistic Circularity 101

We share our experience, cases, projects, success, and failures, with the intent of applying our innovative approach to circular transition.


  • Matrix-Q Circularity Story in a Nutshell
  • Matrix-Q Algorithm for Human Circularity
  • The Neuroscience behind the circular transition (Learning how to learn)
  •  Why do we include "human learning capacity" in our design of products, processes, and user environment? Why do we pay attention to "learning & playing first"?
  • Case study: Non-tangible and digital products with holistic circular design
  • How we have applied holistic circularity to "management of wealth": The 9 Holistic Economy Capitals & Shared Wealth Model 
  • How do we introduce and advance circular design skills and systemic thinking to our members with product design and income generation tools?
  • We have created Human-Inclusive Technology. Is it circular?
  • Which is our experience teaching young leaders and entrepreneurs about circularity?
  • Which are the rules for multidisciplinary innovation and design at the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, and why?
  • How can we utilize holistic data (Matrix-Q Method) to enable holistic circular design assisted by Matrix-Q A.I. (Human Inclusive Technology )

" The Matrix-Q Akademia delivers with a gamified methodology the same outcome in both modalities ONLINE or INDOORS at location Rhenen, The Netherlands. Where ever you are in the world, you can access now this wonderful program" ~ LDMF

Facilitator:  Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  Founder Matrix-Q Research Institute

Modality: e-Workshop facilitated online

    1. e-WORKSHOP Introduction 20 min Free of Charge
    2. e-WORKSHOP Holistic Circularity 101:  3x40 min (Fees apply)
      • Includes
        • 1x Matrix-Q Design Capacity Assessment Report & e-Coaching
        • 27 days Matrix-Q Club Guest Membership
        • e-Learning "Holistic Entrepreneurship for Circular Design Tool"
        • 1x e-workshop 3x40 min = 120 min online live gamified interactive training

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