I provide a path matching your entrepreneurial-journey stage

The conditions & resources you need and the ones you already have

4 Paths for all aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to join us

Each path will bring you to the next level of resources, access to the market, network, tools, training, skills, opportunities, generation of assets, and growth



  • PLAY: From 108,00 EUR 9 hours/month Complete challenges, earn points, rewards, prizes, training, more challenges, time-sensitive opportunities, strategic partnerships, investor attention, or cash. (Tailor-made challenges, mentorship and sparring)
  • PAY: From 540,00 EUR Quick Silver Program with Certificates, complete training, qualify for commercial licenses or business label (partnership) to 4.500,00 EUR / 9.000,00 EUR Exclusive Personalized Program with coaching, training, tools, digital applications (technology), knowledge, or Consultancy and Innovation Services from 10.000,00 EUR+ (Tailor-made coaching-training Program)
  • VOLUNTEER: For 1 hour/week, collaborate with social-impact not-for-profit causes, programs for youth, sustainability, and social impact, complete tasks, earn points, rewards, and vouchers for other programs (We co-create a positive impact together)
  • INVEST: From 90,00 EUR + Attend Workshops + Group Coaching + Entrepreneurship activities. Boost Matrix-Q Native Startups with Business Venture (risk) capital, with 3x, 6x, and 9x return on investment throughout collective target bonus + individual ambassador's commissions. Investment rounds start at 32.400,00 EUR   (Join the adventure, to develop a Matrix-Q Company)
  • ONE: If non of the above is viable for you at this point in time, you may join once per week, 1 or more sessions of 20+min up to 60 min of Training and coaching at the Matrix-Q One Program at 1,00 EUR/Session only Mondays to earn points, rewards, and prizes: Holistic Entrepreneurship & Collective Leadership (This is not an individually tailor-made program. Standard Content. We select content according to the outcome of the collective challenges, homework, and attendees stages of development)

There are more alternatives, we tailor-made our services according to our customer's (members) needs, current conditions, and capacity to invest time and resources in their own success.