" I host activities, opportunities, and content for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. We combine leisure, learning, and business. " ~LDMF


Quantum Entrepreneurship

A Training Program Online for up to 27+ Entrepreneurs (International) starting or developing businesses in the Netherlands or at the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club Chapters.

If you are an entrepreneur with experience or a serious aspiring entrepreneur, we will match your profile and interests to a business project (challenge) you will develop. 

METHOD: A Learn-play, learning-by-doing training program.

TIME INVESTMENT: Attendees choose their preferred intensity, from 2 hrs/week, and step-by-step lead and co-own.

WHEN: Thursday's weekly

FOR WHOM: Only for members (* How to become a member?)



Upcoming Events





Attend as volunteer for a local impact program. 

We give back at every location we visit. With a team of volunteers we support local entrepreneurs, leaders, and communities. We care for nature, societies and economies.

Expedition 2023

Travel, Leisure & Culture Program

We travel together with Luis, visiting an archeological site to explore its culture, society, knowledge, skills,  technology, and history.

We will read in the traces of the past, knowledge, and stories hidden for modern eyes and mindsets,  

Highlight: Creating a bridge from the past into the future. Which knowledge ancient civilizations, leaders and entrepreneurs had, that could serve our purpose today?

Where? The destination will be in Europe. Please contact us for more details.

How many days? You are welcome to choose, from 3 days and 2 nights up to 10 days and 9 nights

Fees: Include both travel, accommodation, meals, leisure & culture activities, multidisciplinary archeology expedition costs, local-impact program, keynote presentations, workshops, and tailor-made individual advice sessions 

For Whom? Only registered members

MORE: www.matrix-q.travel

At the Matrix-Q Akademia we learn-play

We facilitate knowledge, tools, methods, skills, content with a holistic, data-driven & gamified learning methodology



The Matrix-Q Cyphers for Time Management

A nature-inspired, and encoded language for holistic and purpose-driven entrepreneurs (The Matrix-Q Cyphers), now applied for time management (Fractal  Time)



Craft your own Matrix-Q Business Project

Utilize the Matrix-Q Method to match your personal assets, and creativity, to your target group. 



27 Entrepreneurship Styles

The primordial archetypes of leadership, serve you to navigate change and transition. Self-orientation tools and entrepreneurship stages of development.

Matrix-Q Lab

Multidisciplinary Innovation

Collaborative Inclusive Co-Creativity


Participate and contribute

The Matrix-Q Lab members gather to co-create

We address global, local, social, and human species pressing issues, with multidisciplinary, holistic, innovation, service-driven leadership, and purpose-driven entrepreneurship

We co-invest together in scalable and systemic solutions

WHO: Creative mindsets, innovators, entrepreneurs *

WHEN: Please contact us for more details

HOW: The recruiting program is managed by the Matrix-Q Human capital division

 (*) Only for members of the Matrix-Q Club

We Plant Trees

We believe that to contribute with the recovery of our planet, and offset of carbon emotions, is a duty for every entrepreneur

The Matrix-Q Club is planting trees since 2022

On the right, a chart with the CO2 Absorption expected for the number of trees we have planted already

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